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Projects marked with ✨ are still usable/active.
Projects marked with 🥀 are dead.
Projects marked with ⚠️ need work.

🥀Kotekorbya Pay (october 2018 - may 2019): Payments app, made by me and Gabriele Grasso. Made in PHP and Mit App Inventor. It allowed users to transfer money, had stripe integration etc. With this app we won Coolest Project 2019 Advanced programming category. We decided to stop this project because it was full of vulnerabilities. It really helped me become a developer.

github-links (summer 2019): Get links from Github repos.

⚠️TSChatting (summer 2019): An app that combined Whatsapp, Telegram and Discord. Decided to abandon because of issues with whatsapp.

EndermanMDDownloader (oct 2019): This software is for downloading and extracting malware collection without having to download a zip extractor on the VM. YOU MUST NOT USE THIS ANYWHERE OTHER THAN A VIRTUAL MACHINE OF YOUR COMPUTER.

🥀kifilesgram (dec 2019): A telegram bot for Kifiles’s uploading service. Probably doesn’t work anymore.

⚠️DiscordForTelegram (dec 2019): A Discord client for Telegram. It is probably still working today, you might try to use it if you have knowledge of NodeJS and Discord.

Uploadgram (2019- jan 2020): A file uploading platform that uploaded files into an account’s saved messages. In febraury I figured how messed the code was and I gave the project to Daniil Gentili and Pato05. They rewrote the project from scratch using the amphp framework doing a great job. Their rewrite:

🥀BeckygramBK (feb 2020): Encrypted messagging app. It was at a working point but then I decided to abandon it. There are too many competitors and if you want to make a really secure messagging app you have to sacrifice other functions.

⚠️dwgram (mar - jul 2020): An API to download files and see messages on Telegram without having to use MTProto. I shutted down because of telegram countiniously banning my accounts. Someday I will definitively restore it, opensource it and host it again.

ShiSHTransfer (summer 2020): An uploader service similiar to Uploadgram but allowed to upload files of up to 70 GB. It splitted files on-the-fly and uploaded them to telegram accounts saved messages. Then the files would be forwarded to other accounts to get them back after a ban.