Welcome! This is my website.
Here you'll find info about me and what I do.


I am Jacopo, a young NodeJS and PHP developer from Italy. I'm learning Python.
I have an advanced knowledge of:
PHP (CGI/FPM), amphp
web scraping, crawling and automation through Puppeteer
the Discord API
the Telegram bot API


Here you can see my past public projects (mostly opensource).
I usually open source projects when I stop maintaining them. 
Ordered by date. Beware, these projects are just made to get confidence with frameworks and usually don't really represent my optimization priority.
My GitHub


2020 Summer
An uploader service to upload files
of maximum 70 GB. It splits files on-the-fly and uploads them to a
Telegram account saved messages.
Then the files would be forwarded to
other accounts to get them back after a ban.
Based on MadelineProto MTProto library and amphp PHP framwork. 


2020 Spring
A static hosting on the Telegram network.
Based on DWGram API.
It allowed users to autogenerate an index of the channel if no index was set and it supported Markdown, but the feature got removed in a later release.
Made with the amphp framwork.


2020 Spring
An API to download files and see messages on Telegram without having to use MTProto.
Features a load balancer to split the traffic to multiple telegram accounts to bypass "Floodwaits", Telegram API ratelimits.
Based on MadelineProto MTProto library and amphp PHP framwork.


2020 February
Encrypted messaging app, made in NodeJS.
The client was in HTML5/Javascript.
Message were encrypted through ECIES.


2020 January
An uploader service that would upload files to a Telegram account saved messages. Maximum file size is 1.5GB.
That was the maximum Telegram message attachment file size in January 2020.
Based on the MadelineProto MTProto, the Ratchet library and the React PHP framework, plus a NodeJS express reverse proxy. It's probably very insecure. Check out my friend's rewrite!


2019 Autumn
A Discord client for Telegram. 
Based on the discord.js library.
- Sending messages in guilds
- Receiving mentions from guilds
- Opening guilds (through inline)
- Opening channels  (through inline)
- Acting like a normal chat with /sync 


2019 Autumn
A telegram bot that allowed sending files into the KiFiles screenshot sharing and file upload service.


Summer 2019
An app that combined Whatsapp, Telegram and Discord. It was based on the Puppeteer library in NodeJS. It never was finished.


2019 Summer
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