Hi! I'm Jacopo, also known as ShiSHcat online. I'm an high school student from Italy. I'm a backend developer, and I'm currently specializing in cybersecurity research, expecially web exploitation. Since I was very young, computers and technology have always fascinated me, and I've always been interested in learning more about them.



CyberDefender @ TeamItaly 2022
After the competition I got the opportunity to join the TeamItaly 2022, a team formed by the best young talents of Italy selected in the Cybersecurity National Laboratory projects. I got the opportunity to meet and learn from the best people in the field, and I'm glad to be part of this team.
7th Place - Italian National Cybersecurity Olympics 2022
During the last 2 years I shifted my focus from web development to cybersecurity research, so I decided to take part in OliCyber 2022, the national CTF competition organized by the Cybersecurity National Laboratory. I scored 7th place (Silver Medal) in the national ranking.
I was also the youngest finalist in the competition. This experience definitely helped me to improve my cybersecurity skills and I got to learn a lot about the field.

Winner of Advanced Programming @ Coolest Projects Dublin 2019
Since we were now competing internationally, we had to make the app 10x better than the previous year's one. I was in charge of the backend, and I made the infrastructure to make the app accessible from Android and iOS, we built a web app, a Telegram bot and polished the Android client, we added full support for businesses, public APIs, vending machines and Stripe. We won the competition, and this project taught me a lot about programming, teamwork and project management.
Winner @ Coolest Projects Milan 2019
This is how it all started. Me and my friend Gabriele built toghether a simple payment app for Android, that we presented at the Coolest Projects 2019 contest in Milan. We won the contest and we were invited to the international edition of the contest.


E-Mail: me at [this domain]
Telegram: @shishcat

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